US Aquaponics


The fusion of hydroponic growing methods with aquaculture (the raising of fish) to produce a symbiotic method of growing food.

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Aquaponic Lynx LLC

Summary: A Florida, USA based company dedicated to helping families grow food naturally. Selling Aquaponics Systems and Products, And Now Farming and selling Aquaponic Produce.

Aquaponics & Earth

Summary: We are a non-profit 501 (c) 3 humanitarian organization dedicated to helping make orphanages and children’s homes self-sustaining. Children love gardening and watching fish [...]

Bright Agrotech

Summary: Bright Agrotech is equipping and empowering the farmers of tomorrow with ZipGrow towers for growing hydroponics and aquaponics, indoors and out.

Evolve Aquaponics

Summary: Evolve Aquaponics is the result of the growing urban agriculture movement here in Austin Texas.  We're deeply rooted in agriculture and have made it [...]

Mari’s Gardens

Summary: One acre of our premier growing destination is dedicated to commercial aquaponics farming. Here, we produce green oak leaf, red oak leaf, green onions, [...]

Nelson & Pade

Summary: Nelson and Pade offers aquaponic systems, aquaponic courses, aquaponic training, aquaponic systems design and aquaponic greenhouse tours. Nelson and Pade, Inc. is the leader [...]

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